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Let me correct that. ??Confused ravings. ??I was really looking for (1)
font management making it easier to install new and unusual fonts
without delving up to my armpits in tfm, pk, whatever, (2) something
with Metapost more integrated, allowing easy placement of vector
graphics in the document and allowing them to be defined within the
document text file.
You have dropped dvi and ps constrains, so without no doubt
context mkiv is the optimal choice.

Running I think any browser on any Linux system, if I see a PDF file
on the Web and click on print, and then print to a file, I
automatically finish up with a .ps file.  Which I can display with gv.
The PDF format was all the time redundant.

It may be that the graphic arts trade has switched to PDF as its
standard, did long ago make that switch, but no-one told my printer.

And even I prefer to avoid unnecessary conversions of image formats
when I only want to print images.  Using Photoshop I save as EPS,
switch to Linux, run eplain, print a PostScript image (and text) on a
PostScript printer, and that's the end of it.  No double conversion of
images, with the risk of degrading image quality.  Or with the
superstition that there could be such a risk.

I'm not competent to debate the merits of PDF versus PS but I know
what I want.

I would like the high-level conveniences of ConTeXt, the ones I
mentioned, but they don't supersede the rest.

The luatex manpage in luatex-beta-0.60.2.tar.bz2 says:

"In  DVI  mode, luaTeX can be used as a complete replacement for the
TeX engine."
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