Hi everybody,
I'm new to ConTeXt and need a little expert help. When I'm running the
following 'test.tex' file
\NC A \NC = B \NR[+]
\NC C \NC = D \NR[+]
\startformula E \stopformula

I get the following errors:

systems : begin file test.tex at line 1
! Missing $$ inserted.
<to be read again>
\stopformula ->\normalstopformula
                              \egroup \Ustopmath \hss
<argument> ...= D \NR [+] \stopalign \stopformula
                                           \startformula E \stopformula
\dostartformulas ...la \egroup \Ustopmath \hss }#2
                                            \egroup \stopdisplaymath \...
l.12 \stopformulas

! You can't use `\Ustopdisplaymath' in horizontal mode
pages > flushing realpage 1, userpage 1, subpage 1
systems : end file test.tex at line 14

Does anybody know how to do this right? Startformulas itself works allright,
if I leave out the alignment part. I also tried startmathalignment instead,
but it gave the same errors.

Best regards,
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