I'm working on a document with page backgrounds. I got them working now,

\defineoverlay[left page] [\useMPgraphic{left page}]
\defineoverlay[right page][\useMPgraphic{right page}]
\setupbackgrounds[leftpage] [background=left page]
\setupbackgrounds[rightpage][background=right page]

But now I have them on every page.
I don't want those to appear on certain pages. E.g. I want to start chapters
on the right page and want the left page to be completely empty.
For my chapters I currently have


Which still gives me the background on the blank left page before each new
chapter. So I tried blank in definepagebreak, but it doesn't seem to give me
the desired result, since it only removes the background on the page to
follow (that is the right page on which my chapter starts).

Anybody know how to do this?

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