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Hi all,

I'm sorry I have to ask again about footnotes setup. I misunderstood the
style that our publisher wants. Maybe it's easiest when I do a bit of ASCII
art (will only work with a fixed-width font):

| texttexttexttexttex |
| textexttexttexttext |
| |
| 9 footnote 9, more |
| than one line. |
| 10 footnote 10. |

So: the footnote numbers in the footnotes are typeset in a box. This box is
just big enough to hold a three-digit footnote number. Its left edge is
flush with the text area. Within this box, the note number is aligned
flushright. The footnote text itself is one block; this block is indented a
fixed amount: the publisher wants all indentations (normal paragraphs,
blockquotes, footnotes) to be identical; let's say 16pt.

I played with the parameters of \setupnotedefinition and \setupfootnotes
that Wolfgang taught me yesterday, but I just can't find the right

it's an interaction between parameters (different meaning in notes as description) .. side effect of par notes .. need a bit of thinking but solvable

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