Am 05.08.2010 23:00, schrieb Henning Hraban Ramm:
> Am 2010-08-05 um 22:19 schrieb Hans Hagen:
>> Hi,
>> I uploaded a beta. Peter Rolf and I have spent quite some time on pdfx
>> related issues (mostly trying to figure out the right specs and how to
>> deal with them). We started with a command driven interface but
>> eventually it ended up with a single command:
>> \setupbackend
>>  [format=PDF/X-3:2002,
>>   intent=sRGB]
>> Lookups are case insensitive. The intent can be a comma separated list
>> of profiles. The name is resolved using colo-icc.xml (or
>> color-icc.lua) but one can also pass a (list of) files using the
>> 'file' key. You can check handling with:
>> \enabletrackers[backend.pdfx]
>> When choosing a format, color spaces, transparency and layers are
>> automatically disabled in the backend code but they do function in the
>> frontend. Of course included images are the user's responsibility but
>> color etc in MP graphics should work out ok.
>> There are probably rough edges.
> Wow! PDF/X support would have deserved a major announcement! Finally!
> Great!
> (Will try about next week...)
There are still some problems with the output intent code. I'll try to
fix it tomorrow. So next week sounds like a good idea for anybody who
wants to test this sexy module :)

Best wishes,  Peter

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