On Sep 26, 2010, at 7:24 AM, Hans Hagen <pra...@wxs.nl> wrote:

> On 26-9-2010 2:02, Aditya Mahajan wrote:
>> Does it make sense to copy the definition of mult-aux.mkiv to mkii?
>> Everything other than \definenamespace should work in both mkii and
>> mkiv. That way, I can use it in modules that target both mkii and mkiv.
> if you consider it useful ... keep in mind that it uses the new inheritance 
> model of mkiv (less predefined hash entries at the cost of a bit more runtime 
> but also more powerful) ... adding it would not mean that I'd adapt all old 
> mkii code to it

I understand. I am not asking any change in the mkii code. Just want the macros 
for the inheritance code (without the definenamespace macro that uses lua) to 
be available in mkii so that I can use the new inheritance model with mkii in 
my modules. (I use it anyways, but with boilerplate macros borrowed from 
Wolfgang. All I want to do is reduce that boilerplate)


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