Am 29.09.2010 um 13:13 schrieb Pierre-François Bonnefoi:

> Hello,
> I'use extensively context to write my lecture notes and for all of my 
> printing needs.
> For my students, I've made some lecture presentations in color, and I print 
> them in black&white, with four pages on one page for the handout.
> I would like to compute a correct Table of contents according to the handout 
> : so to divide the current page number by four to get a correct page number 
> for the handout.
> \def\ChapterPrefix#1{\the\numexpr#1/4 \relax}
> \setupcombinedlist[content][level=1]
> \setuplist[chapter][after=,before=,numbercolor=yellow,numbercommand=\underbar,pagecommand=\ChapterPrefix]
> That doesn't work, and I've some difficulties to figure how computation is 
> performed in e-TeX...
> Could you help me to resolve this issue ?

A very dirty hack:





  {\chapter{Chapter #1}
   \dorecurse{#1}{\input knuth\par}}



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