On Tue, 19 Oct 2010, Chen Shen wrote:

I am using the t-filter/t-vim module, and got stuck with two problems with
1. everything works fine if there is only one \definevimtyping declaration.
However, if i declare two of them, as in the following:


... % Code A

... % Code B

The counter for the temporary files is never incremented. So there is only
"jobname-externalfilter-PythonCode-0.tmp" in the directory.
Consequently, Code B appears twice in the produced PDF, while Code A never

A grouping bug. Does it work with the latest version from the deb branch.

2. Every line in the Python code becomes a new paragraph in ConTeXt. I
wonder if this could be changed.
I am using \setupwitespace[line], so the spacing between two lines of source
is too large.

That is by design. Currently, 2context.vim simply adds some markup, and the resutant file is read using


\start-stop-lines converts each line to a paragraph. You can try

\startsetups vim:setups


to see if it helps.

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