Dear Sirs,

I have trouble with




(MkII-version: 2010.05.24 / MkIV-version: dito)

A modified sample (from the ConTeXt-documentation "cont-en.pdf", section
1.6) will show the problem:


page 1
page 2
page 3
page 4

The result are 4 pages on the left upper corner (--> odd pages) (MkII
and(!) MkIV).
instead of upper right/upper left (pages 1 and 2) upper right/upper left
(pages 3 and 4).

The option
gives the same results.

The color-bars are only displayed at MkIV, with MkII only the cropmarks
are shown.

Can anybody help me with the duplex option in MkiII and MkIV and getting
color-bars in MkII?

Thanks for your help
Bernd Kosubek

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