Sorry to keep going on about this, but trying to load the
project/environment with either of

\project myproject
\environment myenvironment

in the component (directly after \startcomponent) gives me an error. It
compiles fine without these commands, but then the \ruby command does
not work. What am I doing wrong?

Thank you.
>> Thank you, it's almost working. I am making use of projects, products,
>> environments and components.
>> My \usemodule[ruby] sits in my environment file, but I'm using the \ruby
>> command down in the component file. The environment is only called in
>> the project file, but the component links back to the product (with
>> \product - I guess that's how you do it?) and the product back to the
>> project. The error occurs, no matter at which level
>> (project/product/component) I am compiling. Do I really need to call the
>> module in each component? I thought the component should trace back to
>> the higher levels to find which modules to load...
> Load the project or the environment file in your component.
> Wolfgang
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