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On 10/29/2010 10:39 PM, Steffen Wolfrum wrote:

I just installed todays beta and I am not sure if regoster sorting is working 

Eg. I modify (see below) the example from tricky-002.tex and I would like to 
achieve ...

Action Plan

But none of the four methods (before, after, first, last) gives this result!!

What is wrong?

Methods were rewritten to give more flexibility. From the Hans' explanation:


[pzm][mc] = [plus|zero|minus offsets][mapping|cases]

uc == unicode order

ok, a bit cryptic but one can now choose methods more explicitly (with the four predefined)

cases   : lowercasing with shapebased pre/post injection
mapping : given language mapping with shapebased pre/post injection

Not all combinations make sense so we might need to figure out which ones to document. With too much simplification (shape based) the sorter will not sort right as there always need to be some distinction.


Bellow is the example with possible combinations, so try which one suits you best.

At least method={zm,mc,uc} gives what you want, but I don't know your border cases.


% tricky-006.tex





wanted result: oá öb Oč Öď Oo Öo oo öo Öq öř Oš oů \blank

    \Test{mc,mm,uc} \Test{mc,zm,uc} \Test{mc,pm,uc}
    \Test{zc,mm,uc} \Test{zc,zm,uc} \Test{zc,pm,uc}
    \Test{pc,mm,uc} \Test{pc,zm,uc} \Test{pc,pm,uc}


wanted result: oá öb Oč Öď Oo Öo oo öo Öq öř Oš oů \blank

    \Test{mm,mc,uc} \Test{zm,mc,uc} \Test{pm,mc,uc}
    \Test{mm,zc,uc} \Test{zm,zc,uc} \Test{pm,zc,uc}
    \Test{mm,pc,uc} \Test{zm,pc,uc} \Test{pm,pc,uc}


\dorecurse {2} {
   \page \recurselevel:
        \index{oá}  \index{öb}  \index{Oč}  \index{Öď}
        \index{oo}  \index{öo}  \index{Oo}  \index{Öo}
        \index{Öq}  \index{öř}  \index{Oš}  \index{oů}

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