Hans Hagen <pra...@wxs.nl> writes:

> On 8-11-2010 7:37, Oliver Heins wrote:
>> I try to use Minion Pro as main font:
>> \usetypescriptfile[type-adobe]
>> \usetypescript[minion]
>> \setupbodyfont[minion]
>> To my irritation, ConTeXt/LuaTeX complains about not finding the font.
> I don't know type-adobe but it probably sets up a type 1 minion.
> Take a look at type-otf.mkiv (at the end) and make yourself a minion
> typescript (one of those 4 liners typescripts)

Thank you Hans, it works now.

Best regards,

PS: For the record: type-minion.mkiv


    \starttypescript [serif] [minionpro]
        \definefontsynonym [MinionPro-Regular]    [\s!file:MinionPro_Regular]
        \definefontsynonym [MinionPro-Italic]     [\s!file:MinionPro_It]
        \definefontsynonym [MinionPro-Bold]       [\s!file:MinionPro_Bold]
        \definefontsynonym [MinionPro-BoldItalic] [\s!file:MinionPro_BoldIt]

    \starttypescript [serif] [minionpro] [name]
        \definefontsynonym [\s!Serif]           [MinionPro-Regular]    
        \definefontsynonym [\s!SerifItalic]     [MinionPro-Italic]     
        \definefontsynonym [\s!SerifBold]       [MinionPro-Bold]       
        \definefontsynonym [\s!SerifBoldItalic] [MinionPro-BoldItalic] 
        \definefontsynonym [\s!SerifCaps]       [MinionPro-Regular]    

    \starttypescript [minionpro]
        \definetypeface [minionpro] [rm] [serif] [minionpro] [default]
        \definetypeface [minionpro] [tt] [mono]  [default]   [default]


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