Name: Alan Caruanambo Muñoz
City: Cajamarca - Peru


 was using for a while, then stop,
 that I've tried to reuse
write my 
thesis is that I can not compile
 though and followed all the steps in
I remember down aver
pragma-ade in which compiled more easily, also wanted
 to know what
the most recent version 
of ConTeXt MKIV because they lose
 is the year 2008, and the installer

My OS is Windows xp

I wish 
my thesis has typography MKIV manual, please
I would like to know what are the sources used in this.

PD: Sorry if you can not really understand the 
message, what happens is
I do not 
speak English.

Thanks for taking 
the time to read my mail and dedicate to it
ConTeXt project.

- ALAN -
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