On Wed, Nov 17, 2010 at 05:26, Andrew Starks <andrew.sta...@trms.com> wrote:
> Anyway, following the instructions on the tlcontrib.metatex.org (or a
> link from there) for restoring the "stable" versions, I got the
> fabulous "/usr/texbin/mtxrun:9359: attempt to concatenate local 'v' (a
> table value)" on every ConTeXt command that I tried.

My guess is that you would have to say something similar to
    tlmgr install --reinstall luatex context
without having the repository set to tlcontrib anywhere.

> I'm happy to try again, if you all would think I have a better than...
> oh... 30% chance of not having to nuke another time. If not, my next
> stop is the rsync method. After that, I may have to return, hat in
> hand, to LaTeX and check back with you guys in a month or so, just to
> see where MacTeX support is at.

Please just wait until "the dust settles". Maybe there will be a new
ConTeXt current; or we will roll back to luatex 0.63.0 for a while.

> BTW: I really like this community and I very much like both what
> ConTeXt and  LuaTeX have to offer. In my spare time (-4 hours a day or
> so, more if I take my meds), I'd be happy to contribute. I'm much more
> of a hack and know next to nothing about bare TeX, although I feel as
> though I've done the impossible with my own set of macros. I may be
> able to take on some documentation tasks and I also fancy myself a
> better-than-average beta tester: not bitchy, test everything all of
> the way through, report everything, patient, etc. If all-ya-all want
> to point me at something that is in need of such activity, I'd be
> happy to look at it. I may just see what can be added to ConTeXt
> Garden, but it's hard to know where to start, what's obsolete, what's
> good but incomplete, and what's entirely absent. I would need more
> time actually using it to truly help, unless someone were to give me
> instruction.

Installation pages almost all need to be rewritten or at least cleaned up.
I would not advice you to use rsync to fetch the latest version of
ConTeXt since this means messing up with the official installation. It
was unavoidable in 2009, but in 2010 at least ConTeXt works out of the
box in TeX Live.

In order to update MacTeX you need to patch texmfcnf.lua and use
tlcontrib. That is the best option apart from installing minimals in
parallel. It's only that tlcontrib might be slightly out-of-sync. (I
didn't try to update with tlcontrib yet, I only commited the binaries

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