On Wed, Nov 24, 2010 at 10:27, Richard Stephens wrote:
> As I cannot use rsynch to update ConTeXt, I was wondering if the
> MikTeX distribution might provide an alternative route to getting
> updates. There are questions:

Is it a firewall problem or something else?

> 3) How often will the MikTeX distribution be updated with a new
> ConTeXt? I guess I only need updating a couple of times a year, now
> that MKIV is looking pretty good.

You need to ask Christian Schenk about that. ConTeXt is tightly bound
to a specific LuaTeX version. So until version of LuaTeX is updated in
MikTeX, there is no way to update ConTeXt there (unless somebody does
a heavy patching or backporting of features; which won't happen). It
is quite possible that LuaTeX will only be updated with MikTeX 2.10.
The history of MikTeX says that there have usually been major version
releases in intervals from 8 months up to 3 years, so maybe you won't
see any ConTeXt update in MikTeX during the next year or two.

I used to have two separate trees: one for MikTeX and one from Pragma
and if MikTeX failed, I switched the distribution temporary.

> 4) Does TeXworks (which is part of MikTeX distribution) work with ConTeXt?

There is no reason why it shouldn't.

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