I'm receiving errors when compiling the following code (although a .pdf is 


  \section{AAA \nolist{aaa}}

Error message:

structure       : section @ level 3 : 0.0.1 -> AAA \nolist {aaa}
! Undefined control sequence.
l.1 AAA \nolist
\structuretitle ...a {structures.sections.title()}

\getstructureheadtitle ... \relax \structuretitle
                                                  \else \normalexpanded {\no...
\doplaceheadtextcomponent ...setstrut \begstrut #1
                                                  \endstrut }\xdef \localhea...
\@@ns::normal ...eadtextwidth \fi \noindent \fi #2
\placestructureheadnumbertext ...uctureheadtitle }
                                                  }\fi \endheadplacement {\g...
l.4   \section{AAA \nolist{aaa}}

I'm trying to get something similar as described in contextref.pdf on the page 
213. What's the problem?

Latest ctx minimals.

Best regards,


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