There is an error with \registerparoptions.

Of course, I have not (yet) come up with a minimal example as this depends on 
some condition that not obvious. Looking into the code here (in anch-
pos.mkiv?) does not get me any further.

! Extra \else.
\registerparoptions ...gisterparoptions \fi \else 
<everypar> ...stponedbookmark \registerparoptions 
<to be read again> 
\fixedspace ...malhbox {\mathortext {0}{0}}\hskip 
                                                  \wd \scratchbox \relax 
\ejectdummypage ...vmode \ejectinsert \fixedspace 
                                                  \vfill \gotonextpage \fi 
\executepagebreakhandler ...cification \endcsname 
                                                  \else \ifcsname \??pe ::

I can work harder at stripping my code down to a minimally broken example if 
this be necessary in order to debug... Please let me know.

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