I'm trying to \setuptyping to use a 8pt font size [of a tt typeface].

Here are my trials - in several cases I get the wanted result but with error 

--- t.mkiv

%\setuptyping[default][style=\ttxx\setupinterlinespace] % This works somehow 
but with errors
\setuptyping[default][bodyfont=8pt,style=\tt\setupinterlinespace] % This works 
somehow but with errors


A part of the error message:

! Missing number, treated as zero.
<to be read again>
\docheckverbatimmargins ...er \c!oddmargin \relax
                                                  \ifzeropt \scratchskip \el...
\firststageinitializetyping ...eckverbatimmargins
                                                  \dosettypingattributes \c!...
\dodododotypefile ... \firststageinitializetyping
\dotypefile ...le {#3}} {\dododotypefile {#1}{#3}}
                                                  \else \dododotypefile \v!f...
l.9   \typefile[default]{t.mkiv}

The code "\setuptyping[default][bodyfont=8pt,style=\tt\setupinterlinespace]" used to 
work; but this may have been an accident - there is no option "bodyfont" for \setuptyping 
on wiki.

So what is the CORRECT way how to select a specific font size for \setuptyping 
or \typefile?

Kind regards,


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