Hi all,

the last days have brought a couple of bug reports on bibliographies in 
ConTeXt. I will try and create a number of examples so Hans can test and debug. 
In order to facilitate the creation of minimal examples for all users, we have 
a couple of suggestions:

1. There is now a dedicated page for bibliography support on the wiki; 
unsurprisingly, it's at http://wiki.contextgarden.net/Bibliographies. For the 
time being, this page is just a skeleton; you are all invited to contribute.

2. The page contains a link to a sample bib file. This file will be part of the 
main distribution (and hence of the minimals) under 
context/tex/texmf-context/bibtex/bib/sample.bib. I will send this file to Hans. 
At the same time, it is meant as a bibliography for ConTeXt related 
publications. So if you build minimal examples, please try with this file 
first. If the error you are reporting is triggered by a certain publication 
type which is not yet represented in the sample file, please modify the file on 
your disk, but *remember to add these modifications to the file on the wiki* 
(http://wiki.contextgarden.net/sample_bib) and drop me a line! If you want to 
add further ConTeXt related publications, feel free to do so! I will send Hans 
and Mojca updated versions of this file which I'll pick up on the wiki.

3. As you know, priority in development is given to mkiv. The bib module for 
mkii was written by Taco, and as far as I understood him, it is quite unlikely 
that he will have the time to do extensive work on it.

Later today, I will try and coordinate the bug reports I can still find in an 
example. Please add your reports as well.

All best

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