On Dec 1, 2010, at 22:25 , Mojca Miklavec wrote:

> On Wed, Dec 1, 2010 at 22:06, Leo Razoumov wrote:
>> With such a fast changing codebase would it be possible to set up a
>> SCM repository to track ConTeXt beta development. GIT/HG/SVN would do
>> it. With revision control one can at least roll back changes that are
>> broken.
> See at least
>   http://gitorious.org/context/context

Great, I didn't know about that! It would be helpful, though, if the git 
repository included a complete multi-architecture beta with all extras (fonts, 
modules). Then, we could easily copy this as a portable application on a USB 
flash drive.

Martin, would you be willing to alter your perl script to include executables 
and extra modules? Maybe it is useful to put the executables in individual git 
repositories. I use the following bash script to update everything:


ARCHS="cygwin freebsd-amd64 freebsd kfreebsd-amd64 kfreebsd-i386 linux-64 
linux-ppc linux mswin osx-64 osx-intel osx-ppc osx-universal solaris-intel 

test -d ${TARGET} || mkdir ${TARGET}

# sync platform independent files
rsync -rpztlv --delete contextgarden.net::"minimals/current/base/*/ 
minimals/current/fonts/*/ minimals/current/misc/web2c" "${TARGET}/texmf"
rsync -rpztlv contextgarden.net::minimals/current/misc/setuptex/ "${TARGET}/"
#rsync -rpztlv --delete contextgarden.net::"minimals/current/context/current/ 
minimals/current/context/img/" "${TARGET}/texmf-context"
rsync -rpztlv --delete contextgarden.net::"minimals/current/context/beta/ 
minimals/current/context/img/ minimals/current/modules/*/" 

# sync manpages
rsync -rpztlv --delete contextgarden.net::"minimals/current/bin/man/man" 

# sync precompiled software for each architecture
for ARCH in $ARCHS; do
  rsync -rpztlv --delete contextgarden.net::"minimals/current/bin/*/${ARCH}/" 
  # copy mtxrun.lua (is this really necessary?!)
  rsync -tgov --chmod=a+x 
  # create link to common manpages
  ln -s ../texmf-common/man "${TARGET}/texmf-${ARCH}/man"


Then all you have to do is to run

PATH=${TARGET}/texmf-${PLATFORM}/bin:$PATH mtxrun --tree="${TARGET}" --generate

and remake the formats for MKIV, MKII, ... to obtain a complete working context 
minimals beta.

Best wishes,

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