On 3-12-2010 2:47, Herbert Voss wrote:
Am 03.12.2010 12:21, schrieb Mojca Miklavec:
IIRC, the original definitions are from plain.tex and amstex.tex.

plain.tex says:

So I guess that \joinrel indeed needs to be defined on per-font basis
instead of being hardcoded into definitions.

the macro \loadfontgoodies in font-gds.mkiv should be extended
to something like

    \InputIfExists #1.tex%

which already load a lucida-math.ldf (lua code)
and then an optional lucida-math.tex (tex code)

don't know how ConTeXt can handle the \InputIfExists
The file lucida-math.tex in /context/fonts/
gets all font specific redefinitions, in this case


sich files are then possible for all other fonts

in mkii we had math vectors and one could have many different vectors active at the same time (so, lucida alongside lm and others); in mkiv we assume unicode math

I can probably make something for mkiv but the question is: is it worth the trouble and complication. Eventually all these math fonts will be open type anyway.


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