On 6-12-2010 10:47, Vedran Miletić wrote:
2010/11/30 Richard Stephens<richard.steph...@converteam.com>

Hello all,

I have just noticed that \SetTableToWidth does not work in MKIV.
Simple example below.

                \NC One \NC Two \NC\SR
                \NC Three \NC Four \NC\LR

I get the error:

! Undefined control sequence.
l.3     \SetTableToWidth

It does work in MKII and also works if you use \tableSetTableToWidth.

Have I missed something, is something wrong or is it just me?

table is under reconstruction (cleaned up, stripped from obscure options, made a bit more context)

\SetTableWidth is too global so it's gone ... instead there will be

\starttable[|l|l|][textwidth=8cm] % or textwidth=max

% SetTableToWidth -> textwidth=dimension
% Expand          -> textwidth=max
% WidenTableBy    -> no proper key yet
% LongLines       -> no proper key yet

the textwidth option will be in the next beta (only mkiv, no changes to mkii).


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