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> I have a tiny feature request.
> I would like to have a separate "bibliography" for, say, list of
> figures. Basically all I ask for is the ability to have a separate
> "named" bibliography as opposed to a single list.


I would also like to support the ability to put an arbitrary number of 
reference lists in different locations inside one document. I once had a report 
that had individual reference lists at the end of several sections.

I'm not sure about the best way of implementing this. E.g. how do I select 
which publications are in which list. One could define a special key as 
suggested by Hans, or select by existing BibTeX keys like author, year, 
publisher etc. Another possibility would be to put all references which are in 
a specific bib-file in one list (when you have multiple bib-files).

Also, as a feature request/bug report I repeat an earlier message:

In BibTeX databases ranges of numbers are usually listed with a single dash 
(e.g. 3-7) for compatibility reasons. Therefore the standard BibTeX styles 
convert a single dash in page numbers or range of numbers to a double dash 
(3--7). It would be great to have this functionality for \volume \issue \pages 
in context as well.


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