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I should think about it a bit. But just a few possibilities ... At the
moment I use:

Options are:

When we think from the bibtex side, it would boil down to processing the "keyword=" key (which is already there in the bibtex specification). You could then order your "publications" with terms such as "keyword=image" "keyword=article" etc.

\startpublicationlist[images] or \startpublications[images] or ...



And then

Then \cite would work in exactly the same way (one would not need to
provide any extra key to cite itself).

But one would need to think of a proper model to number the references. That is: it would have to be configurable to be able to either number images with roman instead of arabic numerals (or with a, b, c, ...), or to prepend something, like [img1], [img2], [img3]
instead of [1], [2], [3]. Or simply let the user do "in
\cite{figure}[xy]", or to number images with numbers bigger than other
references. For example:




or any other user-configurable option for numbering ...

However, having a properly designed model is better than having some ad-hoc solution that turns out not flexible enough or clumsy to use
and buggy later on ...

One syntax would be


And yes, something that would allow splitting references across sections could just as well be used for this. It just needs to be designed properly ... (But section-based bibliography could work
without any extra key, right?)

And no, please don't count it as bug report. I just mentioned it because Hans wanted to have "a big bunch of everything at a single

I suggest to reopen the topic and create exact specification before
the actual implementation.

Yes, we can discuss it (on or off list) when it will be implemented.

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