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I've removed my old TeXLive installation from my Linux box, an decided to start using ConTeXt only!


I want to try to install some new fonts and it is common practice to use texfont for that. ConTeXt comes with its own texfont, but when I type texfont at my linux-prompt, no texfont can be found? Do I need to install additional tools to be able to build new fonts?

You normally don't need texfont nor any other tools.

What version of ConTeXt (MarkII or MarkIV) and if MarkII, which engine (pdfTeX or XeTeX) do you use? On which OS? What kind of fonts do you want to use (OPenType, TrueType, PS Type1 or other)?

Have a look at the wiki* and Wolfgang's simplefonts[2] module (to avoid the need to write typescripts).

[1] (Might be more confusing that helping, though.)

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