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I use the way from http://wiki.contextgarden.net/Symbols, but It is not working.
It has  the marvosym (type1 fonts) In the context tds.
~ $ luatools marvosym.pfb
I have to use the marvosym.ttf ? OR  How can I do?  thanks.

\definesymbol[1][{\symbol[martinvogel 2][PointingHand]}]
\definesymbol[2][{\symbol[martinvogel 2][CheckedBox]}]
\item item \item item
 \item item \item item
\item item

define fonts    > forced type ttf of marvosym not found
define fonts    > font with name marvosym is not found
define fonts    > unknown font marvosym, loading aborted
define fonts    > unable to define marvosym.ttf as \**currentsymbolfont**
backends        > using xmp file

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Huang Ze
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