Group, Hans. Wolfgang, Help PLEASE

I have numerous loooooong tables to publish. attached find minimal example.

I need these tables to mimic \longtables LaTeX package.

I got a recode from Wolfgang using the TABLE module which works well for the
header, footer and TABLEbody however:

I need table caption and tablefoot to state:

table xxxxxx (continue)

Also it would be perfect if the top of the continued page(s) were open and
the footer for the continued page(s) said:

table xxxxxxx (continued)

Is there a way to accomplishe this feat of magic within ConTeXt?

I have tried all I can think of to no avail. I have been on this problem now
for 3 weeks. If no solution then I am afraid that I must resort back to
LaTeX and memoir class. I am truely hoping NOT to go back.


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