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I encountered a strange effect. Let's have a code that generates the
same math, firstly by Ctx and secondly by Lua:

M_{t,WnT} = 1000

context("M_{t,WnT} = 1000")

You can see the result - the space between "W" and "n" in lower index is
smaller when generated (natively) by Ctx than that in math generated by
Lua. (The latter case may affect a bit "disturbingly" to the reader.)

It seems also that space between (subscript) "T" and "=" varies.

So why these differences? How to avoid the extra-space when Lua
generates math subscript?

actually, the luacode was doing the right thing as there is a protect/unprotect mismatch (will be fixed); putting this at the top of you file works:


I have no clue yet where the space comes from (that's taco's speciality)


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