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> Hi,
> currently, in my document, an article reference looks like this:
> [1] Thor, A. U. (2010). ConTeXt is great. My Own Publishing, 2(4), 23-34.
> with the title in italics. How to make the year appear at the end and 
> how to make the publisher in italics, too? I would like such changes to 
> apply to other types of references as well (books, inproceedings, etc...)
> Second, \cite[Thor:2010,Bar:2009] produces something like [6 and 9]. How 
> do I get rid of 'and' and get simply [6,9]?

Sorry for the noise: somehow, I hadn't noticed that a fairly complete 
bib manual exists. Now I realise how flexible the module is.

As for bibltx, I assume that it is deprecated.


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