On Dec 11, 2010, at 8:56 PM, Jon Crump wrote:

> I've done as you suggest and downloaded the minimals beta leaving the
> TeX-live distribution behind, so I can be on the same page with you
> all. Hans's fix has worked. I'm gratified that my intuition about how
> @xml:id should work was not wrong. The example in my last message now
> works as expected.

If you want to try the latest and greatest, it's indeed better to work with the 
minimals. You can always keep texlive if you want to use other TeX stuff or if 
you want a stable fallback in case the latest beta breaks.

> This looks sensible to me. I'll see if I can't make it work with my
> document next week. Thanks ever so much. Is that string substitution
> function a bit of Lua?

Indeed, that's a lua function. It's extracting a substring (substitution would 
be string.gsub).

> Thomas, I do not take it in a negative way; simply practical. I take
> seriously both the principle and practice of open-source endeavors
> like ConTeXt, and the scholarly work it can support. I hope and intend
> that as I get up to speed, I'll be able to make some small
> contribution, even if it's only posting the commented example of our
> project on the wiki. I've done some programming in Python, and am
> rather keen to learn something about Lua, as they have quite a bit in
> common. It's unlikely I'll be able to make substantive contributions
> to the code, but not impossible in the fullness of time. I'm mindful
> of the generosity of all involved, and all on this list, and offer
> great thanks and kudos.
> Your cautionary note on the bilingual edition is taken to heart, and I
> have recommended that for the time being our project will not try to
> implement a facing page translation. This remains an important
> desideratum for us however, and I will attend with great interest your
> progress, and the insights of any engaged in similar efforts. The
> specific use-case we have in mind, and the problems associated with it
> may be of interest to others and I'll post it on the wiki.

Good, that's the spirit!


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