On Sat, Dec 18, 2010 at 10:12, Vnpenguin wrote:
> Why not move all to Sourceforge.net ?

Apart from being ugly, sourceforge doesn't even come close to the
desired functionality of contextgarden.net. The garden is in
suboptimal state, but moving to sourceforge wouldn't simplify the
things in any single way.

It's not so much about doing regular server maintainance (which is
very low once the server is set up), but about implementing new
creative ideas. Improving application for modules, implement new
features on wiki, creating some safe environment to enable running
mkiv on the server, maintaining some version control of ConTeXt,
improve and update source browser, improving reference for commands
(both develop the application as well as adding descriptions) etc.
etc. etc.

I don't know what sourceforge supports and what it doesn't, but I
don't believe that I could get ssh access, consume 40 GB of disk
space, run arbitrary cronjobs and offer rsync access to start with
(all needed for minimals).

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