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but don’t get me wrong, i love context and luatext, i just like other
languages better than lua (you weren’t content with latex and created
context, so this shouldn’t be alien to you)

Sure, it's just that the core of context will be tex/lua only as it needs to be portable and mixing languages will not help at that level.

Probably the best way to use other languages in applications of context / luatex is to do something lunatic that luigi did, the overhead of wrapping is probably neglectable. We can look into that around luatex version 1.0.

For me personally the only reason to look into pyton (or ruby or perl or php or ...) would be that it's needed in a project but so far i never had such projects i.e. could choose my own languages (so it was ruby at some point and lua now). Who knows what the future brings.


ps. I once read about Icon as language and somehow that one also had some appeal. I never had a running environment. Smalltalk is also nice, esp the (original) books (esp the historic one), and Lisp (in relation to tex) also has some appeal. Live is too short to learn all those languages and stay fluent in them, i.e. one simply forgets a lot when usage zeros.

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