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On Wed, 15 Dec 2010 13:06:42 +0100, Hans Hagen <pra...@wxs.nl> wrote:

actually, the luacode was doing the right thing as there is a
protect/unprotect mismatch (will be fixed); puttingthis at the top of
you file works:


thank you, Hans.

This makes both solutions (Ctx generated and Lua generated) equal -
[wider] spacing is the same.

Just my point of view - the previous native Ctx result (= narrower
spacing in subscript when mixing upper and lower case letters) - seemed
to me a bit prettier; wouldn't be better to keep the "old" Ctx look (=
result without \catcodetable\ctxcatcodes) and to drive Lua to give the
same result?

no, the question is why the spacing in math is there, the catcode regime should indeed be ctxcatcodes ... more something for aditya to figure out


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