I have to typeset paragraphed quotations in a smaller font (and maybe
a smaller baselineskip, but this is not necessary) and with larger
margins.  However, after the quotation, the main text has to be on the
grid again.

                        Main Text Main Text
                        Main Text (on grid)
                        Main Text Main Text
                        Main Text (on grid)
                        Main Text Main Text
                          quotation  text
                          (need not to be
                          on  grid, in  a
                          smaller   font) 
                          quotation text
                        Main Text Main Text
                        Main Text (on grid)
                        Main Text Main Text
                        Main Text (on grid)
                        Main Text Main Text

I tried to use contexts quotation-mechanism, but it puts quotationmarks
around the quotation, which is not only unnecessary (as the smaller font
size marks the paragraph as a quotation already), but a problem, because
footnotemarks appear right in front of the ending quotation mark
(»quot¹« instead of »quot«¹, which would be right).

Footnotes seem to be a bigger problem.  When using the linecorrection
mechanism (either with \start|\stoplinecorrection and with
\placeongrid), the footnotetexts don't get typeset at all.  They seem to
get lost within the linecorrection environment.

TIA for your help,




    \rightskip=10mm \leftskip=10mm \baselineskip=13pt

  Ein autobiografischer Spielfilm ohne Bekenntnis des Regisseurs und
  ohne dessen Verkörperung einer Figur wird nur als fiktionale
  Biografie verstanden. Ein autobiografischer Spielfilm ohne
  Bekenntnis des Regisseurs, aber mit dessen Verkörperung einer
  fiktionalen Figur wird zumindest selbstreflexiv gedeutet.



\input tufte


\input tufte


\input tufte


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