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> After some delays, thankfully the book "Fonts in ConTeXt" is now
> finally available for immediate ordering.
> "Fonts in ConTeXt" describes how to define and use fonts in ConTeXt
> MkIV. In this book, for the first time all existing documentation
> related to fonts has been combined into a single document. In 128
> pages, the reader is guided through everything there is to know about
> fonts in ConTeXt MkIV. The earlier chapters deal with the theory behind
> the font subsystem of ConTeXt and explain how to use the font switching
> macros. The later chapters deal with defining fonts, for both single
> (symbolic) fonts and complete typescripts for font families. Finally,
> there are chapters on extending the ConTeXT font system and font
> installation.
> "Fonts in ConTeXt" costs 19 euro + p&p, and can be ordered from
>  http://www.boekplan.com/
> Hans and I have decided that there will not be a free PDF version;
> ordering a hardcopy is the only way to get this book. Please note
> that besides receiving a useful book, you will also be sponsoring
> ConTeXt development by doing so!

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