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I was wondering if there are any kind of spaces which (partly) fix the
spacing between characters. For example, typesetting "Chapter 1", I
would like to keep the space from stretching at the same rate as the
surrounding spaces (just like ck ligatures in old German texts would be
prevented from stretching, or the space in do n't (sic) in early 20th
century American texts).

I currently use

Did you mix up those two?

"\ " to prevent a line break

I don't think that this prevents a line break, at least not in MkIV. You could use ~ as in "don't~break~here".

"~" to prevent extra space after a period

You can set this globally [1] (if I understand you correctly). If you only want to use it at some places use "\ " as in "i.e.\ ".

[1] http://wiki.contextgarden.net/French_spacing


etc. as fractions(?) of the normal space (i.e. they change at the same
rate as the normal space when stretched)

Are there any other types of spaces I should be aware of? I would be
most grateful for any comments, especially concerning the existence of a
slow-stretching (or non-stretching) space...

Thank you,
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