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> Morning all,
> I have a need to write a lot of physical quantities - these should be
> in text mode. Mostly I can manage, but subscripts are causing me grief
> Eg
> \startformula
> \startmathalignment[n=3]
> \NC \text{F}\NC =\NC {\text{GMm} \over \text r^2}\NR
> \NC \text {force}_G \NC =\NC {\text{G} \times \text m_1 \times \text
> m_2 \over \text r^2}\NR
> \NC \text {force \low G} \NC =\NC {\text{G} \times \text m_1 \times
> \text m_2 \over \text r^2}\NR
> \stopmathalignment
> \stopformula
> In the second and third equantions I'd like force subscript G all in
> roman, not italic, to follow the standard conventin.
> The first one puts the G in the correct place, but in italic
> The second one manages roman, but it's offset.

Is this ok?
    \text{force}_{\rm G} (or \text{force}_{\text{G}})

With \rm you stay in math mode, but use roman. You should not use \rm
for "force" since you would get mathematical spacing instead of proper

> \startformula
> {\forceQA \over \massQA} = \accelerationQA
> \stopformula

Try to use \frac{}{} instead of \over. There are discussions about
disabling \over in luatex (or at least in MKIV).

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