On Mar 14, 2011, at 16:49, Marco wrote:
> I totally agree. But Cecil mentioned in another thread: »My document is mostly
> text.« Even if a few mp graphics are involved luatex is still noticeably
> slower.

I look at it from the perspective that the last time I used TeX, my 8MHz Atari 
ST took several seconds to process each page. And then it took several seconds 
per page for the previewer to show me the DVI. And I couldn't do anything else 
on the machine while it was working.

My way of working now is that I keep a short scratchpad document in TeXworks, 
and use it to sort out my formatting and macros, taking advantage of the live 
preview. When I'm done, I copy the definitions into my actual working document, 
which I edit in vim. I only typeset the entire working document once or twice 
an hour, if that; vim catches syntax errors. So if LuaTex takes a few seconds 
longer to do the typesetting, it's completely unimportant.

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