I'm getting the same lines by using setupfields (in widgets), but this time I 
don't even get an output.

Here's the minimal example:



\definefield [Emaila] [line] [widget] [] [pragma....@wxs.nl]
\field [Emaila] [your email]


This runs fine and works as expected with the 2011.02.25 beta.

Running it with the 2011.03.18 experimental I get these lines and NO output:
check           > missing or ungrouped '=' after 'frame' in line 7 (@@fdlabel
check           > missing or ungrouped '=' after 'horizontal' in line 7 (@@fdlab

Also I ran into the fact that the general setup settings (setupfields) are not 
inherited (most likely due to the problem above).
Maybe Hans is working on the fld file (as the timestamp suggests), but since I 
had a similar problems yesterday I better ask first.

Any hints appreciated
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