Good evening, dear ConTeXtists,


Mr. Eyre in his conference proceedings paper to be 
( applies withdots 
framing via TikZ as he told me.  I passed him one of your ideas (Aditya 
Mahajan, Wolfgang Schuster) and he slightly extended it using Metapost to fit 
his examples.


I am just sharing it with all the sincere greetings.


Pavel Striz





path p; p := (0,0) -- (OverlayWidth,0) -- (OverlayWidth, OverlayHeight) -- (0, 
OverlayHeight) -- (0,0);

draw p withpen pencircle scaled 1pt dashed withdots;

setbounds currentpicture to boundingbox OverlayBox;









  \vbox to 3in%









      \hskip-11pt\hbox to 3in%















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