Am 23.03.2011 um 17:23 schrieb Cecil Westerhof:

> I am still experimenting. With the default ' is reasonably displayed, but ` 
> not.
> I liked palatino, but then even ' is not displayed nicely. What is the best 
> (standard installed) font where both ' and ` are good displayed?

How do you define a standard font, the list of available differes with the used 
TeX distribution (TeX Live or context minimals) and your Openrating System.

I made a short document with a few fonts:



   ` Backtick\par
   ' Apostrophe\par
   ‘ Open curly quote\par
   ’ Close curly quote\par
   - hyphen\par
   – en dash\par
   — em dash
   “Quote” and „quote“ and «more quotes»}



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