Am Thu, 24 Mar 2011 07:57:36 +0100 schrieb Mojca Miklavec:

>> At second I want actually to add more than one tree ;-)

>> My main problem is that there quite a lot of configuration files
>> which look like good candidates (I found texmf.cnf, texmfcnf.lua,
>> context.cnt, contextcnf.lua.) and that I don't know where to put a
>> local version which will not be changed by updates.
> texmf.cnf is for MKII and texmfcnf.lua is for MKIV. The files
> context.cnf and contextcnf.lua are not used. They are usually just the
> source for texmf.cnf and texmfcnf.lua, but they are not taken
> automatically.
> One way is to set environmental variables, but probably a better way
> is to create a copy of texmf.cnf & texmfcnf.lua in texmf-local/web2c/
> and change the TEXMF variable there. No, wait. texmf-local is not
> known until texmf.cnf is actually read in (chicked-and-egg problem).
> Can you please try to put texmf.cnf in top level (next to setuptex)
> and see if mkii/kpathsea works that way (finds proper trees)? There is
> a hardcoded algorithm with a list of paths that are checked for
> texmf.cnf file, but I'm not sure what the sequence of those paths is.

It seems to work if I move texmfcnf.lua to texmf-local (even
unchanged it had an immediate effect: nothing worked anymore, until
I run a "mtxrun --generate" ;-).) 

Now I have to find out, where to store the files so that both
context and latex can use them. 

Ulrike Fischer 

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