On 4-5-2011 12:22, Julian Becker wrote:
This seems to be still broken :-(
The \intertext{} workaround however is still working, luckily

2010/11/23 Vladimir Lomov<lomov...@gmail.com>

** Aditya Mahajan [2010-11-23 11:17:55 -0500]:

On Wed, 24 Nov 2010, Vladimir Lomov wrote:


The example with start/stopintertext from 'mathalign.pdf' (My Way, Using
\startalign and friends,
Aditya Mahajan) gives error with current context (beta):
<example file="ex2.tex">
%%% Seems that there is a problem with \start/stopintertext . This
command is described in mathalign.pdf
%%% (MyWay).


Here the start/stopintertext should give text between formulas
   \NC \exp^{\imath t}=\cos t+\imath\sin t\NR
   This is famous Euler formula, below one is known as Moivre formula
   \NC (\cos x + \imath\sin x)^{m} = \cos mx+\imath\sin mx \NR

That's it.


! Misplaced \noalign.
\startintertext #1\stopintertext ->\noalign
                                           {\dointertext {#1}}
l.12   \stopintertext

$ context --version

MTXrun | main context file:
MTXrun | current version: 2010.11.20 12:51

Is this a bug or I do something wrong?

Bug, and it seems a rather old one. It also fails with 2010.05.24.

has to do with the tex scanner in alignments (doesn't like unexpandable macros)

I cannot debug this right now. A quick workaround is to use
\intertext{...} instead.
Ok, thanks.

P.S. I thought that all start/stopXXX commands has cousin commands
\XXX. Seems that I was wrong.

%D The intertext commands have to be expandable (in aligment lookahead) so
%D we cannot use \type {\unexpanded}.




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