Am 20.05.2011 um 20:23 schrieb Daniel Schopper:

> Great! Thanks a lot, Wolfgang!
> Yet… I have some other questions:
> - What about a simplified \page inside the lemma (not really common, but 
> anyway…)? Adding
>       \appendtoks\def\page[#1]{}\to\simplifiedcommands
> is ignored.

You use in your example “\page” without an argument while you define here
\page with an explicit argument which isn’t the same for TeX.

What can work is “\appendtoks\let\page\gobbleoneoptional\to\simplifiedcommands“
but i think it‘s better to solve this with a different input where you write
an alternative text for the notes where none of these commands are present.

> - How can I tweak the note mechanism to put the apparatus notes inside one 
> single paragraph, concatenated by some arbitrary separator (\quad or -- or 
> something similar)? (Eventually I‘d like the lemmatas which appear on the 
> same page to be grouped in a paragraph) - I guess it should be somewhere in 
> strc-not.mkiv but must have missed it…

   inbetween=...] % default: \hskip1em



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