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> Hello,
> I'm using ConTeXt minimals MKIV (latest snapshot) on Linux with loads of 
> system ttf & otf fonts. Recently I stumbled upon a peculiar problem.
> The example below outputs three lines in three different fonts, the 
> Computer/Latin(?) Modern, League Script and Pompadour, as expected.
> However, if I comment out \setupbodyfont line or set anything else as the 
> body font than LeagueScript or Pompadour, all text in the
> document will be output solely with the default Modern font. Am I missing 
> something here? Is there something wrong with the way I select
> and use multiple fonts in the same document?


> \switchtotypeface[LeagueScript][12pt]



> \switchtotypeface[Pompadour][12pt]


You can also replace (but check the output because
the spec-settings give sometimes unexpected output)

> \starttypescript[Sans][LeagueScript]
> \definefontsynonym[Sans][name:leaguescriptthin]
> \stoptypescript
> \starttypescript[Sans][Pompadour]
> \definefontsynonym[Sans][name:Pompadour]
> \stoptypescript
> \definetypeface[LeagueScript][ss][Sans][LeagueScript]
> \definetypeface[Pompadour][ss][Sans][Pompadour]


\definetypeface[LeagueScript][ss][specsans][League Script Thin]
\definetypeface[Pompadour]   [ss][specsans][Pompadour]


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