> Try
> > \switchtotypeface[LeagueScript][12pt]
> \switchtobodyfont[LeageScript]

Is \switchtobodyfont the recommended way of changing the typeface temporarily 
anywhere in a document
(for example when making cover page graphics)? Its name implies only document 

Nevertheless, \switchtobodyfont works (at least in the document body, haven't 
tested yet elsewhere)
without setting \setupbodyfont.

> \definetypeface[LeagueScript][ss][specsans][League Script Thin]
> \definetypeface[Pompadour][ss][specsans][Pompadour]

This seems to work for most fonts, with others like Pompadour it fails 
(pompadour has SubFamily string of
"Black" [Mac] and "Regular" [Windows] in the .otf), and spec fails to find 
pompadour-normal-normal which
it is looking for). Pompadour is a serif font, so i tried also with arguments 

I have looked into co-typography.pdf for help, and while it is very extensive 
in some parts, in others it
is (too) technical and lacks expanations for some parameters.

As soon as I get these issues sorted out I'll try if I can make the MKIV font 
pages in the Wiki a bit
more beginner friendly.

Best regads,
Otso Helenius
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