Thanks to Wolfgang for the instructions on changing fonts, \switchtobodyfont 
works as expected. I still
have to dig up the exact definitions of both \switchtobodyfont and 
\switchtotypeface, as the latter command
seems to work in Hans' examples (for example showfont.pdf) but not with my 

Now, I've been trying to use metapost for achieving magazine type layout with 
ConTeXt, and have a question
about the following features:

1) Is it possible to use TeX typeset text as a clipping path for MP graphics? 
What I would like to achieve is
a similar cut mask as seen in this picture:
i.e. the text outline cuts a hole in the brown filled rectangle revealing the 
bitmap below.

I can cut pictures easily with paths in MP like so:

fill unitsquare xysized (100mm,100mm) withcolor green;
picture cur; cur := currentpicture; currentpicture := nullpicture;
fill unitsquare xysized (100mm,100mm) withcolor blue;
path mask; mask := unitsquare xysized (100mm,100mm) -- reverse unitsquare 
xysized (100mm,10mm) shifted (0mm,45mm) -- cycle;
clip cur to mask;
draw cur;

But I can't cut pictures with pictures (only with masks), nor have I found a 
way in any of the manuals
(mmakempy.pdf, metafun-p.pdf, metapostmanual.pdf) to output text outline as 
paths which could be used for
cutting a hole in the mask picture. Is this possible?

2) MP gives an easy way to format free flowing paragraph shapes similar to this 
image: .
I have followed the instructions on pages 435-444. The problem with this 
approach is that the text which will be
placed in a freely shaped paragraph will be a separate block which won't flow 
freely with other text in the document
body if the contents on earlier pages change.

I guess this drops in the category of big feature requests, but it would be 
nice to be able to define the
shapes and positions of ConTeXt columns/paragraphs with MP graphics. In 
InDesign columns of any shape anywhere
on the page can be connected without having to separate one block of text from 
the rest.

With this feature one could define for example a 2-page spread for a magazine 
(with free shape graphics and columns)
in between two ordinarily defined pages and would not have to manually disrupt 
the body text flow through the

Best regards,
Otso Helenius
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