On Mon, Jun 6, 2011 at 15:36, Marco wrote:
> Hi,
> how to create an entry for a web resource in a bbl file?
> For books I use a construction like this:
> \startpublication
>  [k=foo,
>   t=book]
> \title {Some book title}
> \author {Jack}[W.]{}{Murborg}
> \pubyear {2001}
> \pubname {Pearson Prentice Hall}
> \edition {2}
> \lang {English}
> \city {New York}
> \stoppublication
> A web resource should include the title, url and the
> access date.

An old definition of mine without access date:

        \inserttitle{\bgroup\it }{\egroup. }{}%
        \title{FAIR -- Facility for Antiproton and Ion Research}

If you don't need fancy language-dependent printout of date, you can
define a simple
and then use
    \insertaccessdate{before}{after}{if absent}

Else you need to define day, month, year separately and try to combine
them in fancy ways.

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