The context installation on miktex is (again) broken. The problem
seems to be that for all trees the databases are not generated:

"resolving | not saving runtime tree ..."

And so context and also the format generation breaks on  machines
where old databases don't exists with
"! I can't find file `catc-ini.mkiv'." 

I made some test on my context-minimals installation and found out
that I can recreate in a context-minimal installation the message 
"resolvers | resolving | not saving runtime tree 'XYZ'
I only have to remove the !! before variables in the definition of
TEXMF. E.g  !!$TEXMFMAIN -> cache is created, $TEXMFMAIN -> cache is
not created.

So it could be that a wrong "Syntax" of TEXMF is the problem in
miktex. But as I have no idea how in miktex context gets the TEXMF,
is there a way to *force* the generation of caches for all trees
with mtxrun?

Ulrike Fischer 

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