2011/8/16 Wolfgang Schuster <schuster.wolfg...@googlemail.com>

> Instead of using something like ;-}, what looks nice, but is not the
> highpoint of typography, I would like to use something like \smiley, \grin,
> \cool, …
> You need a font with the symbol, there are also fonts available where you
> can use layers to use different colors for parts of the symbol.
> - http://www.ffdingbatsfont.com/
> - http://www.ntg.nl/pipermail/ntg-context/2011/057859.html

I am still quite inexperienced with ConTeXt. I found the following document:

It is for LaTeX, but I can not find ConTeXt specific stuff. In table 188
there is a smiley. This brought me to to following:




% \showsymbolset[music]
% \showsymbolset[astronomy]
% \showsymbolset[astrology]
% \showsymbolset[geometry]
% \showsymbolset[physics]
% \showsymbolset[apl]


The smiley does not display, instead I get the text smiley. Also it is not
shown with the \showsymbolset. Why?

Is there any documentation about how to work –for example– with the dingbats
font. At the moment I am just feeling like shooting in the dark. :-{
When knowing how to do it, I could try to make a smiley module. ;-}

By the way: do I understand correctly that with \showsymbolset the second
column shows how the character is displayed and the third columns shows the
used space for the character?

Cecil Westerhof
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